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RTRP generates very considerable commitment and enthusiasm, it increases many teachers’ knowledge of high-quality books for children and develops their confidence and desire to share these texts in school. The practitioners’ passionate engagement in the RT=RP books and the sensitive and collegial support offered in the groups enables them to develop their practice in various ways. Many seek to establish children’s book groups, several explore using novels as the basis of units of work and others seek to foster individual children’s pleasure in reading, often targeting their work at reluctant readers. Talk is key to the efficacy of such activities.

Open University, Reading Teachers = Reading Pupils Independent Evaluation,

Teachers are the key to so much in a child’s future, we know that, but it needs saying again, loud and clear. For so many of us that first spark that brought us to a love of books and reading came from a teacher. This is a great idea. I’m amazed there isn’t a network like this already.

Michael Morpurgo, Writer,

Although not easily quantifiable, I am convinced that my regained passion for reading and confidence from discussing teaching ideas in the group have infected my class with the reading bug.

Ruth Bunclark, Reading Teacher,

The Unwin Trust has been a stalwart supporter of our charity. Their funding has enabled us to give children attending our performances and having a workshop a free book to take home and keep. By giving these books, we have been able to make a huge contribution to both teachers and parents who recognise the vital importance of reading for pleasure.   Children were very excited to be able to take a copy of the book home, Some children brought it back the next day and took it outside to read at playtime.   The children got their books today - they were so excited, we put in the book plates you gave us, and the children even took the books outside during playtime today, to share the poems with their friends!!!

Siân Williams – Children’s Bookshow,